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Safe, subtle, and science-backed skincare treatments

Our skin is the first thing we see when we look in the mirror – and it’s often the LAST thing we’re taught how to take care of!

There’s no shortage of other things that need taking care of, right?

And there’s no shortage of other things that need taking care of. Things to do, places to be, loved ones to care for. When your life feels like it’s going a million miles an hour, prioritizing your own needs is easier said than done!

But time – and stress – has a way of catching up with us.

One morning you wake up … and you don’t quite recognize the woman staring back at you. Somewhere along the way she lost her sparkle and shine.

Well, guess what? The sparkle isn’t gone. With a little TLC, you can find it again. And I’m ready to help! Aesthetic medicine has so much to offer.

I’m so glad you’re here to learn more!
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You can treat your skin – and yourself – with care and appreciation, and rediscover the vibrance you thought you’d lost.

You don’t deserve anything less.

At Beautiful You Aesthetics I’ve supported countless women in feeling beautiful again. I’m
committed to using safe, science-backed treatments that meet your exact needs – aesthetically, financially, and emotionally.

Because I believe that all women deserve to feel good in their own skin!

I’d love to support you on your own skincare journey.

Schedule a no-pressure, free consultation today to take the first step.

Andrea sitting in chair and smiling

Hi, I’m Andrea – owner and certified nurse aesthetician at Beautiful You Aesthetics in Haverhill, MA.

I’ve *always* loved skincare and beauty. I started paging through fashion magazines as a teen, and as an adult dove into the science of skincare.

I committed to taking care of my own skin, and along the way invested in medical-grade products and injectable treatments. The biggest difference wasn’t in how I looked – but how I felt.

As a busy working mom, medical aesthetics gave me a little extra boost … which started to carry over into other areas of my life. I was eating and sleeping better, and making time to take care of myself. I see the same thing with my clients at Beautiful You!

It all comes down to a commitment to yourself, and deciding what you need to feel your best. Medical aesthetics is a powerful way to do just that!

There are many misunderstandings about medical aesthetics. And depending on the provider you see, you’ll find a range of results and philosophies out there.


At Beautiful You Aesthetics, I see all of our clients as beautiful the moment they walk through the door.

Our treatments enhance and restore – and do NOT drastically change your appearance.

Using the latest science and technology, we help you get the upper hand on the aging process to feel amazing inside and out.

Because when you look good, you feel good, right? Making the decision to try aesthetic treatments isn’t selfish – it’s empowering.

I felt that way after my own first treatment, and I see it in the women I work with every day.

I hope you’ll come visit and see for yourself!

ZO Skin Health - Medical-Grade Skincare Products

You don’t deserve anything less.

At Beautiful You Aesthetics we’re proud to offer ZO Skin Health Products to our clients. This line of dermatologist-formulated products is the best of the best … and I’m IN LOVE with everything they make.

Their exclusive formulations draw from the latest skin therapy technologies for results that are driven by science, not trends.

ZO Skin Health is available only through licensed medical providers. Let me help you find a powerful regimen that’s perfect for you!

Happy Clients

Andrea is a true artist when it comes to aesthetics. I have experienced great results with Botox, fillers, chemical peels, and facials. She provides knowledgeable and accurate recommendations that will make your skin look healthy and bright, while making you appear younger. Andrea is always professional and she makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. I can’t wait for my next treatment with Andrea!!!


Beautiful You Aesthetics is top notch. Andrea’s skill and professionalism are second to none. This, combined with her warm comforting demeanor and tranquil spa-like environment make for the ultimate aesthetics experience. I have had fillers done a few times and have instantly felt years younger and more confident with my appearance. I had virtually no pain and the healing was rapid and completely unnoticeable.  I highly recommend her services. She is a gem!!


I highly recommend Andrea! She is honest, and won’t sell you anything that you don’t need! Her attention to detail is always appreciated!!! I love that she continues to educate herself as a medical professional and is expanding her services! Her space is very clean and comfortable and as a nurse she is focused on the client and keeping everything sanitized!!!


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